The Digital Mask Vending Machine !! Touchless !!

ENDLOS Digital mask vending machines are enabled with all types of digital payment methods keeping safety and security in mind for public places. It's touchless operations help users to maintain their hygiene providing instant access to the products.

ENDLOS has a broad range of forward vending machines to serve our diverse clients, which include municipalities, railways, airports, Shopping malls, private business owners and more. Our products differ in different dispensing mechanisms, different storage capacities and different payment methods to satisfy all the requirements of our valuable customers.


ENDLOS Digtal mask vending machine for Railways, Airports, Shopping malls, Private business owners, Parks, Public places etc.


  • Suitable for Masks, Sanitary Napkins, Sanitizer and Gloves
  • Capacity Available : 500, 200, 100 Masks
  • Options for Digital Payments and Coin Acceptor
  • Application based control for Inventory management
  • Alerts for empty masks
  • Minimum maintenance required

Windsor Condominium

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  • Built In Nose Bridge Clip - Easily moldable Aluminium Clip for perfect fit and snug fitting around the nose
  • Durable Elastic Ear Loops: ULTRASONICALLY sealed Ear Loops. Extra 5mm width of loops which provides extra stretch making it comfortable for people with broad face
  • Electrostatic Filtration Layer : High Quality Filtration Layer to stop different kind of particulates in Air.
  • Ultrasonic Sealing on all 4 sides: Durable Ultrasonic Sealing to block virus penetration from any side.
  • Hydrophilic Inner most Layer : The innermost layer is Hydrophilic which makes it sweat absorbent and Skin friendly.

ENDLOS Mask Vending machines are fine tuned for its fast and instanteneous performance on site.

24 X 7 Continuous Operation

Our Mask Vending machines provides live status of entire system anytime, anywhere. Its self-decision techniques informs the owner in advance about its general mask vending machine notifications like Empty masks, dispensing errors and such.

User friendly and secure

Purchasing from Digital mask vending machine is much easy and secure. Consumers just scans a QR CODE printed on the machines, completes the payment using convinient payment methods finish and get its assured items from the machine. Mask Vending Machines have never been so easy and fast.

ENDLOS Services

The ultimate goal for ENDLOS's team of professional service technicians and our range of service offerings is to support you in providing highest uptime of the machine and high-quality service to your customers.

The IoT integration of ENDLOS Mask Vending machines introduces

The Digital mask vending machine combines the elegance of a double-door mirror finished outlook with the versatility of a smart kiosk. Where you’ll find all the latest features at a glance :


Touchless Purchase

The beautiful mask vending machine is now functioning with your fingertips. Pay through Paytm, Debit card, Credit Card, UPI or any type of E-Wallets to get your selected product.Thanks to the elegant touchless outlook now its motivating to buy more.


Payment Safety System

With our certified and proven payment safety system now ENDLOS Mask vending machines are able to identify Payment failure and suggests the right way of payment on the beautifully designed Application.


Digital Payment system

Our versatile digital payment accepting system has now solved the problems like spreading the pandemic, Touchless environment, Payment safety and Quick purchase. ENDLOS introduces the E-Inventory system and the unbelievable success of such digital vending machine in India shows the change in consumer preferences for digitalization.


COVID19 Protection

ENDLOS introduces the touchless dispensing system in the mask vending machines in India which allows the owner to control all the feature of ENDLOS Mask vending machines at anytime from anywhere just from the fingertips. Cleaning of a Pet bottle shredder has never been so easy but now it’s just one click away.


Error recognition technology

Reverse Vending Machines can also be in trouble sometime but our Error recognition technology designed by professionals have cured those problems. Thanks to sensor based technology, now for the first time problems can be found earlier than it occurs. And such problems can be resolved earlier to reduce customer inconvenience.


Cut-off technology

Safety has always been the top priority for our team. Our fraud detection system is powerful enough to manage such conditions. Overloading of the components usage is also controlled by the system.

"Why ENDLOS Mask Vending Machine"?


Advance Technology

Our state of the art mask dispensing technology increases the storage capacity of the masks into the vending machine and makes it a robust Vending Machine. The powerful payment gateway system delivers close to 100% success ratio for successful transaction.


Customized For Your Needs

Vending Machines in India requires fully customized solution for a niche customer base.It is used differently on variety of places by the government authorities. Endlos delivers custom solution for Vending machines in India.


ENDLOS Service Package

Our dedicated team of Engineers are trained for troubleshooting, maintaining and servicing your mask vending machine on time because solving small problems when they occur can reflect a huge difference on busy public places.

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