The Reverse Vending Machines boosts the recycling rate like a rocket!!

It has proven to be an unmatched success for collecting sorting and processing the beverage containers for recycling or reuse. They have proven to be an unmatched success for consumers businesses and the environment across the world.

ENDLOS has a broad range of reverse vending machines to serve our diverse clients, which include municipalities, railways, airports, recycling companies the beverage industry and more. Our products differ in different recycling mechanisms, different machine capacities and different verification technologies to satisfy all the requirements of our valuable customers.


Modular compacting Solution for non-refilliable Containers


  • Suitable for Pet bottle, Aluminum Cans and Tetra pack
  • Options for Compactor or Shredder
  • LED Backlit for Advertisement
  • Bin full alerts
  • Minimum maintenance required

RVM Premium

Comprehensive, modular Reverse vending solution For refillables, non-Refillables and crates.


  • Suitable for Pet bottle, Aluminum Cans and Tetra pack
  • 21" User Interactive Touch screen
  • E-Wallet Cashback
  • App based / Cloud Controlling
  • IoT Integration
  • 24X7 Live Machine tracking
  • Object Verification System

RVM turns your waste into Best. Recycling is as easy as 1 - 2 – 3

24 X 7 Continuous Operation

Our RVMs provides live status of entire system of each RVMs anytime, anywhere. Its self-decision techniques informs the owner in advance about simple plastic bottle crusher machine (PBCM) issues like bin full, printing errors, coupon errors or such.

User friendly and safe

Recycling in RVMs is much easy and sure. Consumers just drop a bottle, press finish and get its assured recycling. Recycling has never been so easy and rewarding. Consumer can also get rewards in the form of Coupons, E-wallet, points etc.

ENDLOS Services

The ultimate goal for ENDLOS's team of professional service technicians and our range of service offerings is to support you in providing highest uptime of the machine and high-quality service to your customers.

The IoT integration of ENDLOS RVMs introduces

The Reverse vending machine combines the elegance of a double-door mirror finished outlook with the versatility of a smart kiosk.
Where you’ll find all the latest features at a glance :


Touchscreen display

The beautiful reverse vending machine is now functioning with your fingertips. Watch live news, Weather forecast, Live scores, Advertisements and if you’ve sometime, Give a survey on an RVM. Thanks to the elegant touch outlook now its motivating to recycle more and more.


Object verification technology

With our object verification technology now ENDLOS Reverse vending machines are able to identify false objects and suggests the right way of recycling on the beautiful touchscreen.


Digital reward system

Our versatile digital rewarding system has now solved the problems like missing printed coupons, hidden barcodes on coupon or bad quality of coupon paper. ENDLOS introduces the E-Coupon system and the unbelievable success of such reverse vending machine in India shows the change in consumer preferences for digitalization.


One touch control

ENDLOS introduces the One touch control system in the reverse vending machines in India which allows the owner to control all the feature of ENDLOS RVMs at anytime from anywhere just from the fingertips. Cleaning of a Pet bottle shredder has never been so easy but now it’s just one click away.


Error recognition technology

Reverse Vending Machines can also be in trouble sometime but our Error recognition technology designed by professionals have cured those problems. Thanks to sensor based technology, now for the first time problems can be found earlier than it occurs. And such problems can be resolved earlier to reduce customer inconvenience.


Cut-off technology

Safety has always been the top priority for our team. Our fraud detection system is powerful enough to manage such conditions. Overloading of the components usage is also controlled by the system.

"Why ENDLOS Reverse Vending Machine"?


Advance Technology

Our state of the art image processing technology turns a normal pet bottle collection machine into a powerful and robust Reverse Vending Machine. The powerful compaction mechanism delivers upto 85% volume reduction of PET bottles.


Customized For Your Needs

Reverse Vending Machines in India requires fully customized solution for a niche customer base.It is used differently on variety of places by the government authorities. Endlos delivers custom solution for plastic bottle crusher machines in India.


ENDLOS Service Package

Our dedicated team of Engineers are trained for troubleshooting, maintaining and servicing your Pet bottle crusher machine on time because solving small problems when they occur can reflect a huge difference on busy public places.

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